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Damprid has long been in operation since 1990 specialising in many fields within the Domestic, Commercial & Industrial areas.
Our services have been used throughout Sydney from the Historical Rocks area to the Blue Mountains and beyond into Rural NSW and the North and South coasts. During this time we have treated churches, schools, hotels, Victorian and Edwardian style dwellings, Terrace and other dwellings constructed of brick and sandstone. In some cases Damprid has treated newly erected properties where the damp proof course had not been installed or had been compromised.


What's in the Name?

As the name suggests we eliminate damp problems once and for all.
The words 'rising damp' used to spell despair for many property
owners. But with modern techniques of today combined with traditional methods, allows the problem to be removed permanently.
Specialising in rising and lateral damp, the full rectification process includes blending the existing walls back to perfection during the rendering and plastering stage. This means that not only is it more convenient when shopping around for quotes, but all the work is guaranteed under the one name.








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