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Rising Damp

Lateral damp





It is important that water does not lie against the base of walls. The surrounding paths and ground levels should be sloped to carry water away from the walls. Ensure downpipes do not expel stormwater onto lower walls or ground levels. Instead it should be carried away by a drainage pipe to the stormwater outlet. The ground levels may also need to be lowered to expose a buried damp proof course system.

Sometimes this becomes a difficult task especially in old city areas where there has been a progressive build-up of road pavements. The buildings in these areas are left in low-lying ground levels surrounded by what is effectively known as a 'levee bank'.


1/ Excavate soil to a safe depth, exposing under the lower wall level.

2/ Clean wall thoroughly from soil and debris.

3/ Apply 1 coat of Polyurethane Rubberised Membrane with full reinforcement.
4/ Apply 2 coats of Polyurethane Rubberised Membrane.
5/ Install membrane protection board.
6/ In the trench, place a layer of blue metal and install Agricultural pipe with a fitted sock.
7/ Connect pipe to stormwater outlet.

8/ Cover pipe with second layer of blue metal.

9/ Backfill soil.

(retaining walls have the same specs but have a Forticon plastic installed when 3rd coat of membrane has cured.)


Tanking is used on basement walls and areas where there is a high external soil build-up,
where excavation and drainage access is denied. This procedure is used to prevent water
from penetrating through the wall.


  • high strength rubberised cement coating.

  • excellent adhesion

  • increased bond strength

  • can be applied to damp surfaces

  • can be rendered or painted over.

Other Services

Damprid also offers reports such as Pre-Purchase Inspections detailing all damp problems, which is a good idea  when purchasing a property. Other services include  painting, concrete cancer cures and rectification of original building defaults including soil build-up (pictures on right showing soil build-up).

Salt breakout on interior due to
 extensive soil build-up

Soil is removed & cancerous
bricks are replaced.






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