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Mould, mildew, musty odours, allergies, smelly basements, ruined textiles, damaged artifacts & reading material all point to a lack of ventilation

Ventilation and getting the right air flow

Ventilation is the process of supplying or removing air by natural or mechanical means to or from any space. Ventilation creates a positive flow of air that allows the dwelling to "breathe" and helps prevent moisture build-up year-round. The air is circulated between a room and themould on ceiling air outside. When people or animals are present, ventilation is especially necessary to remove carbon dioxide and renew the oxygen used. It also aides in the removal of stale odours caused by smoking, painting, cooking, etc. A lack of ventilation can lead to many health problems especially those who suffer from allergies, asthma, sinusitis, and breathing disorders.


Usually in the Winter months we see a rise in ventilation problems through the constant use of heating devices and the windows kept shut to keep the cold air out. This leads to a growth in mould and mildew which are both kinds of fungus caused by air circulation, temperature, humidity, light and chemical composition.


There are several kinds of ventilation systems on the market. The most popular systems Damprid installs are the Brass Mesh Wire Sub-floor Vents, internal plaster/external louvre vents and the Ecofan.

  Mould on bathroom tile area occurs when there is no ventilation







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